What Finance Essentials Service is Right for You?

Finance Essentials is a multi faceted service that offers weekly coaching sessions with small groups where we work through questions and scenarios to help drive business growth. We also provide enterprise level support in the form a full service, one or three day workshop tailor made to fit the target audience.

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Finance Freedom - By Month

The biggest goal we have as business owners and working professionals is to achieve financial success. Financial success gives us a level of freedom that allows us to pursue our passions and contribute back to those who mean the most to us.

Finance Freedom is a group that gives you access to all webinars available, weekly gatherings where we discuss financial strategy, business scenarios, and work through P&L questions and other scenarios to help provide value for your team, business, and life.

Finance University

Finance University is an all inclusive one day workshop for businesses where we will come to your location and do a full day focus session on finance and all things related to it. 

We touch on Statement of Cash Flows and the Balance Sheet, and then we take a deep dive into your P&L. Time is spent in understanding net sales components, cost of goods sold, and operating expenses. We will do exercises directed at breaking down complex financial models to help drive strategic business decisions.

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Finance Freedom - By Year

Finance Freedom for the year is similar to the by month offering, but rather than a by month subscription it's applied to the full year. On top of access to all of the webinars, weekly discussions, you also gain access to individual consultations on a monthly basis where you have unfettered access to work through whatever might be on your mind.

Finance Mastery

This is the pinnacle of Finance Essentials. It is an intensive three day course that helps teams gain a strong fundamental understanding of finance from an enterprise perspective. Like Finance University, there will be some time spent on the Statement of Cash Flows and Balance Sheet but the bulk will be spent on the P&L and other aspects of finance.

Finance Mastery will include exercises built around financial calculations like Mix Improvement, Payback Period, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return. The course will be capped off by a business case competition where teams will use what they've learned throughout the course to make strategic business decisions that may be judged by internal finance leadership.