Your Diet is Like the Constitution

I was on my walk today, enjoying the chill wind and the bright sun on my face while listening to an interview with a man named Max Kane, who runs a site called On it, people connect with local farms to purchase locally sourced, high quality food. Eating food like that tends to be a goal for everyone, and his objective is to facilitate that while keeping prices reasonable for the consumer. That being said, while his business seems helpful, it isn't what piqued my interest. As the interview was concluding, his parting words were "Your diet is like the Constitution and your health is like your liberty. The more you violate your diet, the worse and worse your health becomes." That analogy got me thinking about it's application in different areas as well, namely in business. We often make business decisions without thinking of the full implications. Whether its trying to achieve short term top line growth or cutting cost anywhere possible to achieve a specific profitability target. Making these types of decisions may be looked at as "nimble" or "agile" but they could also be premature and costly. The more we understand our business and it's financial strengths (or weaknesses), the more likely we are to make better decisions and protect our business's health. Protect your business's financial well being, and before you know it, you'll be leading a healthy, successful business that exceeds all expectations!


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