What I've Learned From Reading Every Night for a Month

Ok, every night is a bit of an exaggeration. I have missed a handful of nights...but I've made up for it by reading until I fall asleep on the couch on others, so take that! And one month is not anything to brag about, quite a few of you have probably read every night for years...but it's an accomplishment for me. I've finished off two books in the first month. The first was "Economics in one Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt, the second was "Player Piano" by Kurt Vonnegut. The first was a bit of a cheat as I've read the book before, but it's always good to get a jump start when trying to re-engage with a good habit. "Player Piano" was a recommendation from Twitter and while a bit slow...the underlying story, a world where humans have all but been replaced by machines is eerily familiar and frightening. This entry isn't about the books themselves though, but what I've learned at this point.

  1. I look forward to reading nightly. I used to turn on the TV and play on my phone, now I look forward to opening up and reading through the pages of another world. I originally thought "I'll shoot for ~15 minutes per night" thinking that was a good goal. There are nights where I'll read for over an hour. Reading has once again become an enjoyable hobby

  2. The ability to sever the relationship between myself and screens has lead to a more peaceful me. I never watched news anyway (I highly recommend this by the way...just try it for a month, no news watching or listening, you'll be amazed at the improvements) but now I don't really care what is on TV or social media

  3. I sleep better. I don't know if this is directly because of the reading, but along with the peacefulness of reading, I find that I'm falling asleep faster, waking up and shifting less, and just feel more refreshed in the morning

Overall, introducing reading into my routine has had nothing but positive effects on me. I'm considering eliminating Netflix at this point as we don't really use it anymore, and even my oldest son tends to watch more Disney+ when he does get screen time. I'm increasing my target of 12 books for the year to 15. I'm currently reading "The Great Hunt" by Robert Jordan, which is book two of the Wheel of Time series. It's over 600 pages so this one will be a bit of a time sink, but so far I'm really enjoying diving back into the world of the Ta'veren!

Any way, I hope this has helped shed some light on where I'm at in my development and accountability plan to myself, and maybe even helped you keep yourself motivated. If you need or want someone to help hold you accountable, please don't hesitate to reach out, we should all strive to help support each other and make each other better!


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