What Do Your Obsessions Say About You?

As I was taking my daily walk I was listening to the Tom Woods Show and he interviewed the owners of Woodchips BBQ in Lapeer, Michigan. They were notable because of their defiance of Gov. Whitmer's lockdown orders. They told us how how they did their best to pivot the business and work with local law enforcement to make sure they were following the rules. However, they were still served with orders from the health department and others to cease their operations. They refused and appealed the decisions. Their team and community rallied around them and they've essentially entered a dead lock where the bureaucrats have left them alone.

The part of the story that stood out wasn't the battle against the government or departments determined to shut them down, it was their obsession with continuing to do right for their community. They were constantly getting input from their staff on their comfort levels, they were working with local groups and charities to feed those who were less fortunate, and they were using their profits to put back into the community to help people in need. They were shown love and support by hundreds and thousands for their obsession to do whatever they could to lift those around them while also being entrenched against the local authorities. However, there were others that also had an obsession. According to them, several people would constantly report them to the health department, make negative comments on social media, leaving negative feedback where possible, and overall making operating their business during trying times even more difficult. Why would someone obsess over doing harm against others for doing such great things in the community? What is their end goal, having a business shut down that goes out of their way to help people? What are these people doing to make up the benefits that will be lost to those who need it?

It made me think about what I obsess about. Are my obsessions positive? Is what I obsess about beneficial to my community? The answer is routinely no. Woodchips are fighting for their business while also helping many people that are in worse situations. Why can't I obsess about doing something similar? I'm going to work towards obsessing over strengthening those around me, even if it's just a little bit at a time. I hope this helps others think about their obsessions and whether or not they're as productive as you would like them to be.


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