Want to Pick up a Good Habit in 2021? Try Reading

As a kid, I was never a big reader. I would often skim pages or read cliff notes of books that were assigned in school. At one point, my mom even paid me $50 to read "The Hobbit" because she thought I would enjoy it, and then offered to pay $25 per each of the Lord of the Rings books. Needless to say, I finished "The Fellowship of the Ring" in less than a week and she refused she should have, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Afterwards, there were a few bright flashes in the pan like that throughout the years but old habits die hard. I don't believe I finished a single book in 2020, and it's embarrassing. I've got a great library of books, and any book I could want is a click or two away if I wanted it. So why don't I? I know I continually make excuses of why I don't read more...I'm tired, I've got a lot to do, I don't have anything I want to read, etc...but I've run out of excuses.

We all know the benefits of reading, and yet we would rather sit in front of the television and watch things that we all know have ZERO benefit. I even looked up benefits to reading just to give myself some confirmation bias, and sure enough I (and I'm sure all of you) were right! 1. Reading increases intelligence

2. Reading makes us more empathetic

3. Reading can boost your brain power

4. Reading can help you sleep

5. Reading reduces stress The list goes on and on. So now I've set a goal to try and read every night no matter what is going on even if it's only 15 minutes, and I want to read at least a dozen books this per month. No more excuses for me, what kind of excuses are you using?


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