So How Are Your New Years Resolutions Going?

We're a little over two weeks into 2021 and I'm going to assume that your year is going well right? Have you already dropped a few pounds? Have you gotten back into the gym? Maybe you've managed to get past the sugar cravings your body built over the holiday season? Even if you haven't, don't worry. As the saying goes: "The best time to start was yesterday, the second best time to start is today"

In an effort to hold myself accountable to my New Years Resolution I've started a book tracker. My goal was one book a month and I just finished up the first one last night. To be totally transparent, I sort of cheated for the first one. It's a book I've read before (although several years ago) and it's a pretty quick and easy read overall.

Now, I would really enjoy it if some of my readers helped hold me accountable....if February rolls around and this list hasn't been updated, feel free to say "Hey lazy reader guy, you've publicly admitted to reading twelve books this's the next book coming along?" If you don't get an answer it's probably because I'm feverishly trying to catch up so I can tell you that everything is going great!

If you would also prefer an accountability partner for a goal you've set, feel free to reach out and let me know, I certainly don't mind helping. Whatever we can do to help each other grow is the end goal here, so let's get there together! Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone :)


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