Words Have Power, Use Them!

“You've hit your stride. No feedback other than 'great job'. At this point, I'd be listening even if I didn't know you.”

-Podcast Listener

As we begin 2021, I received the above message from a listener and it really moved me. To the giver, it may just be a passing compliment, but to the recipient it could be the world. As much as we in finance try, success can't always be measured by specific metrics, sometimes you just feel it! It's never easy to tell where people are in their personal health, so don't hesitate to build people up when and where possible.

This year I've taken up a challenge to do something every day, all 365 of them, for the full year. Not only am I looking forward to the challenge, but I also want to find a way to make it 365 positive activities to help make myself better, to make you better, and to make my community better.

I will not ask you to take up the same challenge, but I will challenge you to find a way to make 2021 the best year that you possibly can. Thank you for reading and I hope that you'll join me in this adventure. Cheers to you and the new year!


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