Just A Little Nudge....

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Larry Sharpe, which was a high point as I'm a big fan. The show was wonderful and Larry made great points, as you would expect from a super sharp two time VP and Governor candidate. However, one thing really stood out to me. When running for Governor, he mentioned the impossibility of convincing New Yorkers to abandon their idea and love of government. So he prioritized nudging...just a nudge towards freedom, just a nudge to get them to change directions away from the ever growing size and scope of government.

Maybe there is a lesson there. Whether you're selling a product or an idea, do you get a better response with a shove or a nudge? If you're trying to shove people into an unwanted situation, can you achieve your desired goal, at least in a positive way? Think about car buying, there are entire business models built on the idea of no high pressure sales and haggling. It was such an uncomfortable situation for enough people that businesses were built around it.

So why should we expect other situations be different? Why should I expect someone who believes in a $15 minimum wage to agree with me that the true minimum wage is $0? If my expectation is that everyone buys into what I'm selling immediately, I'm going to be quite disappointed. I would also lack the self awareness to understand that not everyone is going to agree with me. Most importantly, be ok with that.

Then what is the solution? A nudge, just a nudge. A nudge helps to understand the openness of the recipient. Are they open to what you're selling, or are they just looking for confrontation? Are they open to honest discussion, or are they trying to shove you? If they push back against a nudge, then it's time to move on because the likelihood of success is small enough to not make the time commitment worth it.

Most likely there are others out there who are open to your message...they just need a little nudge.


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