Is 2020 Alabama the Best College Team Ever?

As I was watching the first half of the Alabama/Ohio State game I realized something...DeVonta Smith is really good. It is no wonder that he won the Heisman. It almost didn't seem fair watching him play. I didn't bother watching the second half, and I actually turned on "Chopped" on the Food Network because I think it's equally as impressive that the chefs manage to make beautiful, restaurant quality meals with four random ingredients in 20-30 minutes while it takes me an hour to make spaghetti. But I digress! Anyway, after the game (if you want to call it that) Mac Jones stated "I think we're the best team to ever play". Reading that statement got me he right? Alabama did dominate this season, despite the Covid distraction in which I don't think they had any significant impact, which in itself is impressive. But being the casual college football fan that I am I'm not necessarily up to date on that conversation...didn't we have a "greatest team in history" last season with LSU? Is the best a title that gets thrown around quite frequently?

Because I'm a mediocre college football mind, I'm going to use the "best college football team" that I can think of, which is the 2001 Miami Hurricanes. Now whether or not they'll still be considered the best college football time might be up for debate, but I'm not familiar enough with any other ones so I'm calling them the best, and I'm the writer so that makes me right! Looking up some stats on the 2001 team I found these: -17 first round picks

-38 NFL draft picks

-19/22 starters were drafted

-Outscored opponents by 33 points per game

-Allowed 9.8 points per game

-Defense gave up 17 points total at home the entire season

-I think you get the idea

I know the game of football is different than it used to be...but I'm going to assume the Hurricanes still win, so take that Bama. Roll Tide!


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