Important Reminder: Social Media Isn't Real Life

As we all witness what is going on in the capitol and run to social media, it's important to remember one media isn't real life. The more time we spend on social media, participating in conversations that only intend to divide, just media isn't real life. Watching the corporate press and getting angry at their covering of damage done and placing blame to get clicks and views, just remember....

Social media isn't real life. Perspective is critical in how we view the world and our environments around us. Go out and grab lunch, go to the grocery store, go to a park and just look around you. Billions of people co-exist every day with fundamentally different views on the world without attacking each other. That person you just said "excuse me" to while you walked in front of them at the store could have been a die hard pro-union government worker. That person you just waved to go first at the four way stop could have been a card carrying NRA member.

Yet when we are on our phone or computer a new side of us emerges, one that many of us may not be proud of, I know I'm often not. I'm quick to insult or demean rather than defaulting to civil conversation, but I'm trying.

"If you voted for Trump, you should just unfriend me now" was a mantra during the election. Would sacrificing a friendship because of their vote be the right thing to do? Maybe they weren't really a friend to begin with. What if they just never told you who they voted for? Do you screen all who interact with you to make sure they align with your political leanings? They say people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, so far be it for me to tell anyone else how to treat each other...but I think we would all be much happier if we treated those we know and care about with the same level of courtesy and respect as the stranger at the stop sign.


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