Financial District

Learning is Fundamental

In our quest for financial success, it is paramount that continued education is a cornerstone of the journey. It is impossible for us to know everything, so if you ever feel as though you've hit that point, it's time to reevaluate our goals before moving forward.

Our webinars at Finance Essentials are intended to help provide the foundation and financial nuances that would be similar to what a finance department would provide, but in a way that is enough to understand so that having a finance department isn't necessary. Finance can be a difficult subject, don't let it be your undoing. Let Finance Essentials do the heavy lifting for you!

Webinar One: Finance Fundamentals

In this webinar, we address the most basic aspect of Finance, the Income Statement, or P&L. Your P&L is the lifeblood of your business and is something you absolutely need to understand and own to maximize your success. We spend one hour reviewing a high level P&L, some basic mix calculations, and time answering some in depth financial questions. There is a ton of value in this webinar, so watch it as many times as you need. Enjoy!

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